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Friday, September 4, 2020

iZettle vs Square: which is best for small businesses? #StartUps


Both Square and iZettle offer free feature-rich, yet intuitive to use software packages, giving small businesses all the tools they need to start taking payments. But as you can see from the table, there are some slight differences. 

While both providers give businesses the means to process payments, it’s only Square’s free plan that offers payment management features, like splitting bills. This, in addition to its integrations from customer relationship management to appointment booking software means Square is best suited to businesses that are looking for a more sophisticated setup. 

That’s not to say that iZettle’s software isn’t the best option for other businesses. In fact, it’s iZettle’s simplicity that attracts a lot of small business owners to the payment provider in the first place. 

Fuss-free, iZettle’s system is perfect for small retail businesses and counter service hospitality businesses. And with the option to activate its repeat payment option, it’s not a bad choice for buskers and nightclub entry booths, either. 

iZettle vs Square: Paid plans 

While both providers offer paid plans, it’s worth pointing out two things. One: the plans are solely for hospitality businesses, and two: they’re only compatible with an iPad Air 2 or a later model. 

Square charges small business owners £69/month (unlimited iPads) for its paid software (Square for Restaurants), while iZettle charges £29/month per iPad for iZettle Food and Drink. Both providers charge businesses 1.75% of every transaction made, however lower fees can be negotiated if your business takes over a certain amount per month (for iZettle Food and Drink it's £10,000/month). 

This means choosing which paid plan to go for is a bit like swings and roundabouts. Let’s use this scenario to see why. 


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September 4, 2020 at 04:55AM by Aimee Bradshaw, Khareem Sudlow