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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Couples in business: A startups story #StartUps

Starting a business with your partner

Whether you start a business alone or with a partner, it’s never plain sailing. For Donnelly and his wife, it’s been a mix of hard grafting, taking calls at inconvenient times, and chance meetings in pubs. 

Donnelly tells us about the time Tori was answering calls while in labour with the couple’s first real child. 

He then goes on to tell us about the time he went to the pub, helped a man caught up in a beer pump malfunction, and then found out the very man he helped is sat on the Ministry of Defence tech investment board. 

When they’re not gunning for investment or onboarding new clients, Donnelly and his wife and business partner Tori know how to switch off from the business. 

He says they’ll often “put their phones in the other room”, or head out on the weekend to explore the UK – they particularly love the Lake District.

But when it comes to keeping the motivation going, he says the greatest thing about going into business with your partner is “knowing the person you love is the person you’re doing it with.”

So for couples who are looking to start a business together, we ask Donnelly a final question – what advice would you give? 

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