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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

I ❤ marketing & business

❤ marketing & business conference is being held from 20th to 23rd of October 2020 in Warsaw and its unofficial name given by specialists is « Polish Marketing Champions League ».

The event will take four days and will gather around 2000 attendees and 128 speakers. The conference is first and foremost a great source of condensed knowledge, because each speaker is an expert in his or her specialization and has only 18 minutes to share the most valuable tips and tricks with the audience. Time pressure forces the speakers to squeeze in as much great content as possible and focus only on the most important aspects. Moreover, the speakers are competing against each other to become the best speaker of the conference and it is the audience, by rating all the presentations in real time, that decides who gets the biggest paycheck.

There are actually 8 conferences during these four days (20 – 23 of October):

❤ SEO & Content
❤ Ads & Analytics
❤ Marketing
❤ Social Media
❤ Sales
❤ Commerce
❤ Influencer
❤ Business

The conference is divided in a way for everybody to find a field and topic that interests him of her the most. The attendees decide if thay want to watch all the presentations or just take part in a particular block.

One of the biggest advantages of the conference is that it gathers in one place representatives from corporations, small and medium businesses, advertising agencies, PR and sales specialists, so the networking possibilities are immense and you can do a series of business meetings during the conference itself.

More information is available on our website ilovemkt.pl

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