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Sunday, June 21, 2020

The New Disruptors #StartUps

The Best of the Rest

Jobtech may not really be a thing yet, but that’s not stopping Broadstone, whose AI-powered casual recruitment solution is helping people find fair and flexible temporary employment with large corporations.

It works via an app that allows jobseekers to create a profile, and receive notifications when a job is posted that fits their requirements. These profiles also enable speedy background checks, which are vital for the regulated industries that Broadstone’s clients operate in. Time worked is tracked via the app, and workers are paid instantly at the end of their shift, with holiday accrued and PAYE contributions taken care of.

In the four years since it was founded in 2016, Broadstone has already grown rapidly, with over 30,000 users in the UK and client agreements with five of the UK’s top 10 security companies. Its future plans are even bigger, with North American expansion next on the agenda.

Finally, one of the most radical startups on this year’s list is Monolith AI, a London-based startup that wants to use AI to dramatically accelerate product development. To accomplish this, it is developing an online platform that helps to simplify data access, provide context on collected data, facilitate decision making, and ultimately, help predict future product behaviour.

If this all sounds a bit like science fiction, then that’s no surprise. When the team of engineers, data scientists, and software developers behind Monolith explain what they’re trying to achieve, J.A.R.V.I.S – the superpowered AI from Marvel’s Iron Man films – is a frequent reference point.

In the real world, Monolith is already working with a variety of automotive, defence, energy and aeronautics engineering companies, using artificial intelligence, tailored visualisation, and high-performance computing to help improve the way they do things. With a high-powered team and grand ambitions, though, you get the sense that this is just the beginning.

So watch out – the new disruptors are here, and they’re going to shake things up once again.

via by Bryn Glover, Khareem Sudlow