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Friday, June 19, 2020

4 Skills Your Staff Will Need in an IoT Office #IoT

4 Skills Your Staff Will Need in an IoT Office

4 Skills Your Staff Will Need in an IoT Office

By Marc Kavinsky, Editor at IoT Business News.

The Internet of Things is becoming present in more and more offices across the country and the world. Because of it’s growing prevalence, it’s vital to equip yourself with staff, and employees capable of handling all of your IoT demands efficiently and successfully. To do this, you need staff with the right skills to succeed, so whether you are hiring IoT experts to join the team, or providing training to upskill your existing team, here are the four key skills you will need.


With every byte of data you move onto the cloud and connect to devices across the office, the more at risk your company is to a cyberattack. Due to this, it should not surprise you that cybersecurity is an essential skill required for working with the Internet of Things.

You will need experts who can identify existing holes in your security software, as well as any potential breaches that could occur. While it is convenient being able to access everything at the tap of a screen wherever you are, you should also make sure that only your staff can access it, and nobody else.


Creating a robust and dependable IoT system demands teamwork. You already know how crucial collaboration is in any business environment. You must ensure that everyone working on your IoT systems are on the same page to guarantee a seamless operation.

With so many engineers working on the system, there is the chance that egos could clash, or there will be contrasting ideas on the best way to do things. You should ensure the team understands each other and respects differing opinions, while also taking advantage of their knowledge to create the best system possible.

Business Intelligence

One of the critical components of a successful IoT system is having business intelligence. It is not enough to collect the data; your staff must also be able to analyze it and put it to good use. If you already have a reliable team, you can encourage them to complete a Suffolk MBA to increase their business intelligence skills. If not, finding someone experienced with analytics and predictions to prevent missteps in your business should be high on your agenda for your next hire.


Operability is a considerable part of IoT. It’s exciting to connect everything to a central system, but this is no use if one component doesn’t work. Employing or training staff with substantial automation knowledge, then, is crucial. They should have experience with API testing and connecting this with manual procedures. Furthermore, they should also have the ability to train or at least provide training materials to other staff members. The more people who understand the basics (at least) of automation, the more efficient your system will be.

Evermore Connected

As the world becomes more connected, so too should the office. By ensuring that you provide adequate training in key skill areas, or bring in people qualified to do the job effectively, you can guarantee that your office will be one of the leading areas where IoT is not just used, but embraced.

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