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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Zoom vs Skype: which is best for small businesses? #StartUps

Zoom vs Skype: Pricing

Firstly, basic versions of Zoom and Skype are available absolutely, unconditionally, 100% free.

Though, as with all ‘freemium’ products, you’ll have to pay for the best features.

Let’s start with Skype. It’s free to make calls between Skype users, although you’ll have to pay to call a landline or mobile, domestically and abroad. If you choose this route, you can either purchase Skype credit, or subscribe. 

Skype credit can be purchased in lots of £5, £10, or £25, and allows you to make calls around the world. £10 worth of Skype credit gets you around 476 minutes of calls to the US, 599 minutes to China, and over 900 to India. It’s a good pay as you go option for individuals, but falls short as a comprehensive solution for businesses.

For businesses set on using Skype, subscribing offers the best value. For a monthly fee, you can make unlimited calls to the US (£2.40), and North America (£6), while £6.60 per month gets you 800 minutes of calls to India.

Zoom’s pricing is structured slightly differently. While you get its basic features included as standard with a free plan, you’ll need to upgrade to unlock more call participants, cloud storage, customer support, and all those extra features we discussed above.

The prices in the table below are what you’ll pay on a monthly basis to use Zoom’s service. Costs are billed per each ‘host’ – essentially, those in your team that will need the ability to organise and facilitate video meetings.

via https://www.AiUpNow.com/ by Rob Binns, Khareem Sudlow