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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Web conferencing costs #StartUps

Return on Investment (ROI) of web conferencing

So, what do you get for your money? 

That depends on a few things; the size of your company and team, how much you’re willing to invest, and the extent to which your business expects to rely on remote work and meetings (right now, we’re guessing that’s a lot).

Here are three ways your business can see an ROI by implementing web conferencing.

Reduced travel costs

A complete, cloud-hosted web conferencing platform negates much of the need for business travel. First, calculate how much you’re currently spending on business trips; including expenses, and the loss of productivity from having your employees out of the office.

Then compare that to the cost of installing web conferencing in an analogous number of meeting rooms. If it balances out, you’re looking at the start of a good ROI.

More productive meetings

How many times have you booked in meeting rooms for hour-long slots, when they’ve only taken 40 minutes, or even less? Poor calendar management results in lost productivity – full stop.

With web conferencing, though, you can be more effective at scheduling meetings. You can better plan for spaces and meeting rooms, and ensure your team’s time is being spent in the most efficient manner. A few recovered minutes here and there can add up to days of recuperated revenue over the course of the year – meaning there’s a decent ROI there for the discerning business.

Replace outdated systems

Attachment to an outmoded system or ways of communication is – at best – a sentimental throwback to the early days. At worst, though, it’s holding your company back from developing, and could be costing you money, too.

Figure out the costs of keeping your current workplace communication system going, and deduct them from the charges of a brand new system. You might find a good ROI before you’ve even started!

And, for the best chance of selecting the web conferencing tool that’s best suited to your business, we can help. By providing us with a few details about the kind of communications solution you’re looking to implement, we can match you with providers in your area.

It’s free to do, and takes about 30 seconds. When you’re finished, you’ll receive workplace communication tool quotes tailored to the specific needs of your business. Give it a try now, or browse related content below.

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