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Friday, June 2, 2023

Bechtle reinforces business with high scalable LoRaWAN IoT #IoT


Bechtle further expands its business with highly scalable solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). The IT service provider is a newly signed up member of the LoRa Alliance. The LoRaWAN open standard enables the realisation of bulk rollouts with low energy and infrastructure requirements and minimal administration. Joining the LoRa Alliance fortifies Bechtle’s portfolio expansion as a full-service provider for low-resource IoT solutions.

The LoRa Alliance maintains and develops the LoRaWAN standard, a low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN) technology and has authored a certification and compliance programme to ensure applications, devices or systems can communicate with each other. LPWAN comes into play primarily in networking low-power devices, such as battery-powered sensors connected at long distances.

LoRaWAN networks in virtually all countries and on every continent are testament to the standard’s global reach. The LoRa Alliance ecosystem, established in 2015, consists of more than 400 multinational telecommunication companies, device manufacturers and systems integrators as well as sensor manufacturers, startups, and semiconductor companies. Bechtle is the initial German IT systems house to join the alliance.

“By collaborating and pooling market knowledge within the LoRa Alliance, Bechtle is at the cutting edge of technology development and the market. Our own experience in sectors such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and public indicates that solutions that optimise energy consumption require very advanced and easy to deploy applications,” says Stefan Schweiger, IoT solutions business manager, Bechtle AG.

Bechtle invests in expanding its IoT applications skill and portfolio. In addition to deploying LoRaWAN certified hardware, Bechtle also manages proven IoT solutions across their entire lifecycle. “Our capabilities in this fast-growing segment of the IT market already span consultation to solution design, including device rollouts, application connectivity, and managed services. In this way, we support our customers looking to leverage the huge potential of IoT every step of the way,” says Stefan Schweiger.

“I am pleased to welcome Bechtle to the LoRa Alliance,” says Donna Moore, CEO and chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance. “IoT system integrators are a key piece of the IoT value chain because they support companies as they develop and deploy end-to-end IoT solutions. This work is critical to driving LoRaWAN adoption and I look forward to Bechtle’s collaboration within the Alliance to strengthen the LoRaWAN ecosystem and shape the future of IoT.”

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June 2, 2023 at 02:43AM by Janmesh Chintankar, Khareem Sudlow