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Thursday, October 20, 2022

SkyFoundry introduces SkySpark CNI #IoT


Washington, United States – SkyFoundry, a developer of software for “Internet of Things” (IoT) applications, introduced SkySpark cloud native infrastructure (CNI), a comprehensive suite of applications and tools to dramatically simplify and reduce the cost of enterprise-scale cloud deployment. SkySpark CNI provides unprecedented scalability for IoT solution providers to manage the data from billions of sensors.

The introduction was made during SkyFoundry’s annual SkyPosium worldwide user community event. SkyFoundry introduced SkySpark CNI with a live demonstration of a SkySpark system with 5 million sensor-data feeds and 5000 facility sites running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“SkySpark CNI enables systems integrators to easily stand up and run SkySpark at enterprise-scale, without needing specialised DevOps skills. It reduces cloud operating costs by optimising the use of cloud provider services, takes advantage of elastic computing features of the cloud, and brings the efficiency and power of our high-performance Folio database to the cloud,” says Brian Frank, founder, chief architect, and CEO of SkyFoundry.

SkySpark CNI provides a true, edge-to-cloud, distributed data-and-compute solution for IoT applications in the built environment. With deployments across billions of sq. ft. in >20,000 buildings, SkySpark Software has proven itself in many of the largest data management and analytics projects on the planet and plays a key role in applications to support today’s energy transition initiatives.

SkySpark’s key differentiator is that it can be deployed on-premise – inside a client’s secure IT environment – or offered as a cloud hosted solution – or both. The ability to choose where and how to host the software and sensitive data is critical to meet customer needs and is a key reason that SkySpark is so widely deployed.

With the introduction of SkySpark CNI, SkyFoundry takes scalability and extensibility of SkySpark software to the next level by cost effectively exploiting cloud technology for cost-efficient, high-performance and easy-to-manage, cloud-scale deployment.

More information about SkyFoundry and SkySpark software is available at Skyfoundry.

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October 20, 2022 at 03:22AM by Janmesh Chintankar, Khareem Sudlow