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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

What Is Startup Smart and How Can It Help You? #StartUps


Beginning a startup can be a mountain-sized task, especially if you don’t have that much knowledge behind it. Granted, you can have business savvy as well as expertise in money, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to begin a startup just yet. With that, it helps to have a good source – like Startup Smart.

This Australia-based website that been helping those with beginning new businesses over the last decade or so, with a number of blog entries and other helpful utilities to learn all new things about business. What’s more, it’s become a community based around advice, videos and so much more – to the point that it can help people worldwide and not just in Australia.

Let’s talk more about what Startup Smart is, and how it can help you create your business for the future!

So What Is Startup Smart?

The Startup Smart website began its run back in 2010, under the guidance of publisher Zoe Dattner. In the site’s own description, it considers itself the “number one publication for the startup community” not only in Australia but “globally” in the startup movement.

The site is a guidance tool that provides tons of news articles, as well as information and daily advice. Even if you don’t have a purpose for your business in mind just yet, there’s still some piece of practical advice on this site that can help you further. That’s Startup Smart for you.

“Startup Smart is a leading participant in the momentum that surrounds the world’s focus on technology, creativity, and entrepreneurialism,” the site reads. And the community would certainly argue this.

Next, let’s talk about the sections included in Startup Smart that can help you along!

Startup Smart – News and Analysis

This section pretty much breaks down itself. It’s all about reporting the latest news that’s available in the startup world, as well as analysis of certain aspects of it. For example, it talks about particular startups that are finding their place with business practices. One sample article talks about a company that specializes in talking about interview shortlists that contain at least 50 percent women. They believe that it serves as a lesson for a startup, one that could help bring a certain level of equality to the workplace.

Another example that’s worth reading over involves a company called Equitise. You may not have heard of it, but it’s making waves in the startup world. It talks about how it launched a dual investment platform, one that can help out those that are running into potential delays in Australia with investment.

Again, these can vary depending on what you’re looking for. However, Startup Smart does have a number of these articles that, even though some are dated, remain quite helpful in today’s market!

Go Straight to Advice for Startup Smart

Perhaps it’s not informative articles that you’re looking for – maybe it’s straight-up advice. Startup Smart has a section that focuses entirely on this, talking about advice that can help with creating that ideal startup business. Again, it can vary depending on what aspect of the business you may look for, but there’s something here for everyone.

One, in particular, takes a look at a startup that managed to earn $1 million in revenue in just under two months of operation. It’s called Workfast, and it covers four different tips to help with “bootstrapping” from the company. These could be helpful for anyone that’s trying to become an up-and-comer in the world of startups.

There’s also just general advice for those seeking it out. Entrepreneur Sarah Wills, for example, provided a few tips on how you should approach taking risks in the business world. Obviously, the right ones come with rewards, but finding the right ones is probably the trickiest part. In addition, Wills also talks about how you could embrace vulnerability with your business. Additionally, by putting some purpose behind what your startup could be about.

Ultimately, there’s an impressive archive that covers quite a few subjects.

What Else?

Startup Smart also features other content.

First up, there’s a Profiles page. Here, you can see how others network on the page and what they have to offer in terms of expertise. That’s not to say that it’s as social as, say, Linkedin or Facebook, but it’s worth a look.

There’s also sponsored content, brought to you by various businesses that have their own advice to provide. Some may see it as more by-the-numbers startup advice, but it’s still useful.

Finally, there are events, though this isn’t really up to date. Still, if you want to see what’s there, you can pay a visit to this tab. Overall, despite it being slightly dated, Startup Smart has a world of resources available.

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