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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Walmart leans into personalization with app and site upgrades


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Ahead of the holidays Walmart unveiled a new set of features for its e-commerce site and app aimed at personalization and ease of shopping. 

Among the additions is a new online styling feature, offered via the outfitting platform Stylitics, that offers up suggestions for other items and accessories. 

Walmart also added a “Choose Your Own Model” feature for apparel shopping, which allows customers to select a model to help them better visualize fit. 

The retailer also upgraded its gift registries with new recommended items. Customers can start registries by selecting from lists of popular and wanted items.

Tom Ward, chief e-commerce officer with Walmart U.S., said in a company post that the retailer will soon be adding a scan-to-add option so customers can scan items in a store and add them to their registries, and Walmart will keep track of the purchases as they’re made.

Wish lists on Walmart extend now to holiday shopping as well, with kids now able to select coveted items for family to see.

In addition to the personalized shopping features, Walmart has added a shopping filter for digital grocery shoppers indicating whether a given product can be purchased with SNAP benefits.

Ward also noted the company made improvements to Spanish language search functionality on its site, with Spanish word search available for over 600,000 items.

“The throughline of all these enhancements is taking the guesswork out of online shopping so customers can shop with ease and confidence, empowering them to make decisions that are just right for them,” Ward said.


Ben Unglesbee, Khareem Sudlow