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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Tuya launches bornSmart campaign with Spanish partners Imprex, Energeeks, and Nivian #IoT


26 August 2022 – Tuya Smart, an IoT development platform service provider, joined hands with 3 of its Spanish partners Imprex Europe S.L, Energeeks Iberia S.L, and Nivian for the BornSmart campaign, taking place across a range of social media channels.

The marketing campaign initiated by Tuya aims to promote smart devices worldwide in eye-catching and interactive ways. It provides Tuya’s global partners with the opportunity to showcase their latest smart home products in their local markets. The theme BornSmart was drawn from the idea that smart devices are ‘born smart’ because of built-in AI.

The campaign was launched on July 12, the same day as Amazon Prime Day 2022. It will take place in more than 10 countries, including the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Italy, Singapore, India, Thailand, Mexico, and Brazil.

Affected by a number of macroeconomic factors, the consumer electronics industry in Spain is facing challenging times. The key to attracting consumers during the economic recession is to improve product competitiveness.

Imprex Europe S.L, a Madrid-based company is doing just that with their in-house brand, Garza, which specialised in high-quality and affordable smart home devices; during the BornSmart campaign they are highlighting their best-selling smart plug, the Enchufe wi-fi Doble.

The Enchufe Wi-Fi Doble connects to the internet through 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi with no hub or gateway required. Simply plug it into an outlet, connect a device to the plug, and users can wirelessly control home appliances whenever and wherever they like. The Enchufe Wi-Fi Doble comes with 2 sockets and 2 USB ports, therefore allowing users to control their devices at home more efficiently. With the timer and pre-scheduling functions, the smart plug can reduce energy consumption by preventing appliances from overcharging and overheating. The plug can be controlled via an app, or through voice commands using either Alexa or Google Assistant.

Energeeks Iberia S.L is a Spanish smart device company with over 40 years of hardware experience in the market and has a high level of localised technical knowledge. Energeeks provides users with various types of LED WiFi light bulbs for any living environment, from GU10 to A60, to candles and balloons. The company is currently presenting its Bombilla Wi-Fi A60 smart light bulb enabled by Tuya Smart during the BornSmart campaign.

This smart Wi-Fi bulb can be installed via Bluetooth within three minutes. Due to the light bulbs’ RGB and CCT features, users can create scenarios according to their mood or various situations by choosing from thousands of colors, changing light temperature, and regulating the intensity quickly, easily, and intuitively. This product relies on rich smart Energeeks ecosystem and can be connected with various categories of devices. The light bulb can be remotely controlled using App or with Google or Amazon voice assistant.

Nivian is part of the Visiotech group, a leader in the European professional security sector, with a presence in 63 countries and more than 250 employees. During the BornSmart campaign, Nivian will be presenting their best-selling NVS-A6WG Alarm System Kit.

The system is highly reliable and easy to operate using classic ways: Screen/Touchpad, remote control, and contactless tag, or the newest ways: App Tuya Smart and voice assistants. The control panel has Wi-Fi and GSM communication, making it possible to be installed anywhere. The kit includes 1 presence detector, 1 door/window sensor, 2 remote controls, 2 contactless tags, and the alarm panel with a built-in siren and backup battery in case of a power outage. The added value is the smart home automation capabilities of the app Tuya Smart, to create smart rules or work together with other Nivian devices.

Consumers nowadays have become increasingly accustomed to the convenience of smart products; More and more people want to digitalise their homes, equip them with voice controls, and take additional safety measures with IoT technologies. Recognising the growing demand for smart devices in Europe, Imprex Europe S.L, Energeeks Iberia S.L, and Nivian have partnered with Tuya on their journey toward continual product smartisation.

With more than 582,000 developers from over 200 countries and regions and more than 2,200 product categories on the Tuya platform, joining hands with Tuya means joining an ecosystem of abundant resources. Tuya provides technical support, offering tailorable and integrable solutions to developers of different backgrounds, demands, and R&D resources. These solutions enable developers to achieve product smartisation and bring products to market in both a rapid and cost-effective fashion.

Tuya Smart continues to expand its partnerships and smart technology offerings in Europe and has put continuous efforts into growing its global business lines. These diverse partnerships have not only made the Tuya platform a one-stop destination for all smart home needs, but have also helped Tuya bring value to users, business partners, and the IoT industry.

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September 6, 2022 at 05:55AM by Shriya Raban, Khareem Sudlow