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Monday, September 12, 2022

Simplicity in Brand Image: How to Help Consumers Understand Your Identity #StartUps


Having a company just isn’t enough these days. Sure, it’ll attract business and you can keep things running smoothly, but you need something else to make it work. That’s brand image.

A brand image is something you use that helps consumers identify easier with your business. And we’re not just talking a logo either, though that does tie in with your potential startup to keep things running smoothly. Like how the golden arches easily identify with McDonald’s. Or how FedEx cleverly hides an arrow within its name to give you that feeling that they’re quite expedient with their service.

What does it take to build up that ideal brand image for your company? Here are a few steps to keep in mind when it comes to representing yourself in the best way possible.

Have a Social Media Presence With Your Brand Image… but Be Cautious

Social media can make something out of nothing very quickly when it comes to your business. You can do all sorts of things with social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Host giveaways, attract new members of a community, offer deals that are exclusively online, and so much more.

To do this, you need a good social media team, usually consisting of one or two people. Get them working in partnership on some good ideas for what you can do socially with your business. That means setting up a schedule for promotions or introducing a new idea through a video blog or a live stream through a number of services. Yes, even TikTok – it’s crazy how many companies manage to use that to good effect.

That said, proceed with caution. In this day and age, it’s all too easy for a company website to get hacked by someone. Make sure you have two-point authentication for your logins, and only a certain few have it.

Also, make sure that your presence remains professional. Can you have fun with your consumers? Sure, but to a point. You don’t want to cross the line with crass jokes or something that would go over their heads and turn them right off. Keep a good tone, but don’t be afraid to have a little bit of fun.

Have You Considered a Mascot for Your Brand Image?

Sometimes a company can go a long way by having a key character up front for their brand image. Look at Disney. It’s made billions over the years relying on Mickey Mouse, who has become a global icon. Not to mention what Nintendo has done with a helpful little plumber by the name of Mario.

Maybe find a character that identifies with your business. Have electromagnets in your office blood? Maybe rely on a friendly character that acts like a bolt, providing tips on your website or social media page. For good measure, maybe even a spokesperson that feels nice and loose with the company image, but still maintains good responsibility.

Now, this isn’t a vital step. Not every company is going to have the need for a mascot. But it might help loosen up the image you provide for your company. If not, there’s one more thing to consider.

How’s Your Company Logo Look for Your Brand Image?

Finally, there’s something that really helps make your company stand out – a logo! As we described in the examples above, a logo can help identify your business, no matter what you’re doing. It could be in simple typed font, or something really extravagant, like if you own a Las Vegas casino.

That said, you want to find something that strikes a balance with your business. Don’t stop getting creative, but don’t go overboard. If you’ve got a painting business, you don’t necessarily want to douse your logo in just black. Nope, you want to be lively and colorful.

It’s here that your social media team, as well as others within your squad, can provide helpful feedback. Ask what you want to represent with your business’s logo. What’s something that will bring out your creative juices? What’s something that will jump out and grab a customer’s attention, but in the right way?

While we can’t provide too much advice (it really depends on the nature of your startup), all we can say is to keep your business fundamentals in mind. Then get those ideas on the board. You might even be able to make a contest out of it, offering the chance at some money for whoever creates the best logo for your company.

Good luck, and remember – a brand image is everything when it comes to representing your company.

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