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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

16 Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell #Ecommerce


christmas ornaments to make and sell

The holiday season is approaching, and consumers around the world will start seeing holiday decor for sale at both physical and online retailers. Homemade ornaments remain in particular demand as shoppers seek unique adornments for every Christmas tree. This trend creates opportunities for crafty entrepreneurs who can make their own ornaments to sell for a profit.

Why Should You Sell Handmade Christmas Ornaments?

There are plenty of compelling reasons why you should sell Christmas ornaments at a local craft store or online marketplace. Selling handmade holiday decorations can become a lucrative small business, and the opportunity can provide crafty entrepreneurs with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Enjoy a hobby – If you love making crafts, you can turn your hobby into a thriving small business when you make and sell Christmas ornaments.
  • Learn new skills – You don’t have to be a skilled craftsperson to make and sell Christmas ornaments. You can find plenty of online full tutorial options and learn a new skill.
  • Work from home – Entrepreneurs who make and sell Christmas ornaments can pride themselves in starting their own home-based businesses.
  • Earn extra cash – A small business in which you make and sell Christmas ornaments is a great way to earn extra money from a side gig, and you even could expand it to a full-time way to earn cash.
  • Support a cause – Some entrepreneurs will use their small business making and selling Christmas ornaments as a way to support a cause by allocating a portion of their profits to a charitable organization.


Where Can You Sell DIY Christmas Ornaments?

Whether you make complex creations or easy Christmas ornaments, you can choose from a variety of places to sell handmade ornaments. Christmas ornaments and other Christmas crafts are hot commodities among consumers, especially during the holiday season.

Unsure where to market the Christmas ornament crafts that you make and sell? Consider the following opportunities to sell your DIY Christmas ornaments:

  • Holiday craft fairs
  • Local craft stores
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Amazon Handmade

Top Ideas for DIY Ornaments to Sell

Need some ideas for Christmas ornaments to make and sell? Check out some of these adorable ornaments that will help your customers make cherished holiday memories.

1. Decorated Clear Glass Ornaments

You can find clear glass ornaments to make into decorative holiday decor at practically any craft store. Just add outer decoration like glitter or paint or fill the empty globe with paper, beads or other holiday-themed items, you can create unique and pretty ornaments that are sure to be top sellers.

2. Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt dough ornaments are a popular choice for entrepreneurs who want to make and sell Christmas ornaments. These versatile crafts can be formed into nearly any cookie-cutter shape of Christmas ornament, and the recipe for salt dough couldn’t be easier to make with just flour, salt and water. The craft is such a simple one, it’s even a fun way to get kids involved.

3. Hand-painted Christmas Ornaments

Hand-painted crafts are always top sellers and one of the best ideas for a DIY Christmas ornament business, especially if created by a talented artist. Not the easiest of homemade Christmas ornaments to make and sell, just start with any plain ball ornament or another shape and add your own personal touch by painting unique designs.



4. Photo Frame Ornaments

Want to make and sell a Christmas ornament that customers will love to hang on their trees? Photo frame ornaments are a popular option for people to display their Christmas memories. While some photo ornaments are made from frame kits, meaningful keepsake ornaments can be made from all sorts of materials and in a variety of shapes and sizes.

5. Cinnamon Sticks Bundle Ornaments

Another creative DIY Christmas ornament is made with materials as basic as a cinnamon stick. Just bundle a few cinnamon stick cuttings and tie them together with some twine or ribbon or even embroidery floss. They’ll not only look adorable hanging on a Christmas tree, but they’ll smell great, too!

6. Christmas Bell Ornaments

Start with jingle bells you can buy at a craft store. You can leave them their original color or paint a few with white acrylic paint. Then just enjoy making ornaments with them by tying a ribbon loop to each bell. The ornament will be ready to hang from a Christmas tree.

7. Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

You can create Christmas ornaments to make and sell with items as simple as plastic spoons. To make plastic spoon Christmas trees, start with a paper mache Christmas tree form you can find at a craft store. Cut the tops off a bunch of cheap plastic spoons, paint them and use the tops to create beautiful branches on the handmade Christmas tree.

8. Holiday Season Signs

Rustic wooden signs with holiday messages are sure to be a top seller for small businesses that make and sell Christmas ornaments. You can buy blank wood signs to decorate at a craft store, but you also can make use of a wood slice of pallet wood or leftover timber offcuts for an inexpensive option. Craftspeople can either paint the wooden signs, or skilled entrepreneurs can use a woodburning kit to etch their designs.

More Ideas for Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell

With simple materials like a hot glue gun, mason jars and even a foam ball, you can make beautiful Christmas ornaments to sell. Whether you present your wares at a local craft store or a holiday craft fair in an online marketplace, you can find plenty of great ideas for Christmas ornaments to make and sell.

9. Christmas Candle Holders

Holiday shoppers love festive candles that fill their homes with light and heartwarming aromas, but every Christmas candle needs a beautiful candle holder. You can purchase plain candle holders online or at local craft stores, and you can paint them with beautiful holiday-themed colors and designs. Finish your craftwork by tying a brightly-colored ribbon around your creation.

10. Jingle Bell Candy Cane Ornaments

Combine two beloved Christmas symbols, candy canes and jingle bells, to create a unique holiday ornament that customers are sure to love. Just use red and white jingle bells (or paint the gold and silver variety), then thread the bells through a wire. After bending the wire into a cane shape, you can tie a red and white ribbon to the top for hanging the jingle bell candy cane ornaments.

11. Christmas Wooden Ornament

Holiday shoppers planning a natural- or woodland-themed Christmas tree will love buying handmade wooden ornaments. Start with some wooden balls, and drill holes through their centers. Just paint holiday designs and tie embroidery thread to hang your unique Christmas decorations.

12. Holiday Yule Logs

Ornaments aren’t the only holiday decorations that are big sellers at Christmastime. Traditional home decor like holiday yule logs also makes great crafts for a thriving small business. All you need are some old scraps of wood, pine cones, ivy, and other natural materials associated with Christmas.

13. Snow Globe Picture Christmas Ornament

Entrepreneurs hoping to sell unique handmade Christmas crafts can create snow globe photo Christmas ornaments. Start with a clear glass or clear plastic ornament and fill it with fake snow. You might also add other holiday-themed adornments like miniature reindeer. Customers can then insert copies of their favorite holiday photos.

14. Wooden Snowmen Holiday Decor

Wooden snowmen remain some of the favorite Christmas ornaments to make and sell. Just cut snowman shapes from scraps of wood and paint them white. Then decorate them with a hat, scarf, eyes and of course a carrot nose. You even can add arms from brown pipe cleaners.

15. Santa Pom Pom Ornaments

Want to make unique Santa Christmas ornaments to make and sell? With a bag of pom poms, create Santa ornaments by adding a red hat made from felt, some miniature spectacles and a red nose. These adorable ornaments will be great sellers in the holiday season.

16. Sugar Cookie Ornaments

Another popular DIY Christmas decoration that’s a hit with the kids, sugar cookie ornaments are fun to make and sell for the holidays. Using cookie cutters, shape these delicious handmade ornaments into Christmas trees, stars, candy canes and other common holiday shapes. Don’t forget to ice them with red and green frosting!

What Christmas Crafts Sell the Best?

Consumers are ready to get into the holiday spirit and love purchasing handmade gifts for their friends and family. Among Etsy’s top-selling items in 2021, the most popular Christmas crafts included personalized jewelry, wooden puzzles and personalized handmade ornaments.

How Do You Make Easy Christmas Ornaments?

Hoping to make easy DIY Christmas ornaments? Start by browsing ideas for Christmas ornaments to make and sell, and choose a project with basic instructions and materials you can easily obtain or even give new life to household items. With instructions in hand, you easily can make simple Christmas ornaments that customers will want to buy.

Do Christmas Ornaments Sell Well on Etsy?

While the holidays are the peak shopping season for holiday decorations, customers also purchase Christmas ornaments from Etsy all year long. Ety’s top-selling ornaments are highly rated by customers, and some Etsy shops that sell ornaments and other holiday season decor have become successful small businesses.

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