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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Personal training app Another Round lifts new capital to strengthen its market position #StartUps


Pumping up the mission to make personal training more accessible, London-based Another Round has just secured new investment from Pure Gym founder, Peter Roberts. The sports tech startup is revolutionising the fitness space, aiming to make it more personal and accessible. 

Health and fitness are becoming digitised. There are few people who don’t have some type of health and/or fitness app installed on their phone and industry experts and trainers are increasingly using tech to enhance performance and make sports even more competitive. 

Tech is also being used to make health and fitness more accessible. Training and holistic health has long been seen as an expensive game, but now, Another Round is aiming to change that, making the traditionally pricey personal training option affordable.

Backed by industry leaders

Another Round’s unique approach to fitness and training has attracted attention from leaders in the pace. Pure Gym founder and former CEO has now invested a six-figure sum into the startup. 

Joining Roberts, Jacques de Bruin the ex-COO of Pure Gym and other ex-senior Pure Gym team members have also invested. Roberts will join the board to support further growth plans.

Max Cotton, founder and CEO of Another Round stated: “We’re here to give everyone access to personalised, highly effective workouts and trainers – transforming their physical health. Another Round was created to make health and fitness more accessible than ever before and we’re incredibly excited to have an industry titan like Peter onboard – recognising the shift in how consumers want to buy and experience personal training.”

 The Another Round team of 5, based in South London, which was bootstrapped from launch, raised its first round of investment in 2021, mostly from angels and its members. Following 20k+ workouts completed by members and four years of data, it’s now raising its second round of investment, including the welcoming of fitness industry icons.

Taking AI to Personal Training

Founded by Max Cotton in 2018, an ex-professional MMA fighter turned fitness tech entrepreneur, Another Round applies its proprietary artificial intelligence to personal training, making it more accessible, convenient and effective than ever. 

Max stated: “The pandemic showed us huge personal gains when we embrace remote services – time is one of the biggest barriers for people to exercise and by bringing a train anywhere, anytime personal training solution to the market, we’re reducing the time it takes to exercise and making it more convenient to invest in your health. We fit plans to a member’s lifestyle, not the other way round. This approach is why our members love us and get great results.”

“We believe in the importance of a human relationship between trainer and member, with AI creating a collective intelligence that enables us to scale and facilitate exceptional results for our members ”.

Personal training has always been expensive and relies on a model of in-person sessions in a gym or training centre. With Another Round, users can access training sessions in-app, with personalised guides and videos of all exercises, tailored to clients’ goals, equipment (gym or at-home), ability, injuries, and support from a dedicated coach.

Another Round uses AI to automate tasks, rather than jobs. And whilst other AI fitness companies are trying to replace human trainers completely, the company believes that working alongside and with AI is far more beneficial. 

Strong market potential

The World Economic Forum recently released a study that reveals global downloads of fitness and health apps surged 46% owing to the higher adoption of online fitness training. With this in mind, Roberts believes consumers are willing to pay a monthly fee in order to have access to a tailored service that works on their time frame. 

The virtual fitness business is using the investment to accelerate the growth of its community, build a world-class team of coaches and advance its product capabilities. With a loyal consumer customer base and plans to enter the corporate market in 2023, the investment places the company in a strong position to capitalise on the growth of the online fitness market, projected to exceed €30 billion in 2026.

Peter Roberts added: “Another Round is a category creator, moving personal training from a one-to-one service to a hive mind of expertise, coupled with an innovative delivery model. Now is the perfect time for Another Round to disrupt how personal training has traditionally been sold. Max’s background and attitude combined with the app’s member advocacy impressed me and I’m excited to be on the journey with them to build and lead the way in a new virtual fitness category.”


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