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Friday, July 22, 2022

Ecommerce Content 101: Overcoming the Fear of Creating Content #Ecommerce


Welcome to the third episode of the podcast series about content creation!

In the first episode, we explained the value you get for your business by using content to build a brand image.

Our second episode covered the ways to overcome common obstacles to creating content for business promotion: money, technology, and time.

In this episode, the podcast host Rich helps you to overcome the fear of creating content caused by the internal doubts most small business owners have. They are lack of capability, comparative inadequacy, and lack of appreciation for ourselves.

Get Rid of Unrealistic Expectations

The real reason business owners doubt their ability to create content is their definition of what ability means. We often have unrealistic expectations and standards for ourselves.

Break down your goals into bite-size pieces so that they feel realistic for you to accomplish. It’s better to publish one Instagram story a day than to wait till you are ready to prepare feed posts, stories, and reels for a month ahead in one sitting.

Of course, you can still make big goals. However, keep in mind that if you think they’re unrealistic, you may not even start.

You Already Can Create Content

When we start a new project, we forget to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt and understand that we don’t need to have answers to all questions at the beginning.

Instead of comparing yourself to established content creators or influencers, be the one thing no one else can be–you.

There are circumstances where fancy equipment and high-end production might have their place. However, when it comes to small business, not only is it not needed, it’s not preferred.

Customers want to be able to relate to you. One of the easiest ways to do that is by showing them what you’re doing or sharing what you’re thinking through your phone. Just like they can. That’s one of the reasons why it feels so relatable.

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