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Friday, July 15, 2022

Creating a Fantastic Remote Workplace Culture: Our Top Tips #StartUps


The last couple of years has been rough for the business world. Not only has the market been shaken by one of the worst pandemics we’ve ever seen, but the current state of inflation is staggering. People are spending less money in the face of growing costs. As a result, some businesses have had to adapt to a new business model – creating a remote workplace. That means people still are getting the job done, but without having to leave their homes.

Granted, a lot of people have made it work. In fact, some businesses have thrived by setting people up at home instead of in a large, overcrowded office. But how does someone keep a remote workplace working to their advantage? Here are some useful steps in making sure it stays in top form and keeps making you money.

Keep Communication, but Don’t Overdo It When Remote 

The first thing that’s vital with working from home is keeping solid communication. That means keeping your team on the same page without forcing them to stay in front of a camera all day or taking them away from their job. Communication helps because it keeps everyone focused, while also making sure they’re not too distracted.

That means having the right tools for the job. One excellent tool for a good remote workplace is Slack. This is a work channel where people can loop in and tell you what they’re doing, without having to break away from their actual work. It’s excellent and fairly easy to set up. More importantly, it’s affordable, and a perfect tool for staying on the job.

Of course, video conferencing is a huge plus as well for meetings and get-togethers. And there is no shortage of these for the remote workplace. That includes Zoom, Skype, and other channels where you can call in and talk to each other. Granted, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a good space set up for meetings, and one that doesn’t see much interference.

It all starts with the basics of tools, but communication is a huge plus when it comes to keeping everyone going in the right direction.

Making Sure Employees Remember Their Worth

One thing that can make a remote workplace rather scary is someone in isolation. Someone might prefer working in an office and keeping in contact with others each day. A remote workplace takes away from this, forcing someone to work alone. If they’re not the target of good communication, this could take away from their value and make them feel less important. That’s the last thing you want.

So make sure to keep up consistent contact with your employees over the course of the day. Check-in and ask how they’re doing and if they need help with anything. Hold meetings over the course of the day to see how employees are doing and ask them questions. Make sure you keep an eye on them, so that they keep up on their performance and, at the same time, don’t fall behind. Remember, the pandemic took a lot from most of us, so you have no idea what kind of effect it could have on some.

Value is something that an employee loves feeling. Without it, they may feel tempted to move on, and that might leave you short-handed. Don’t let it happen. You can keep in touch with someone in a remote workplace and still make them feel vital.

Use the Space to Your Advantage

Believe it or not, as isolated as a remote workplace can be, it can also open up creativity for some. This is a key opportunity to allow employees to be more of themselves and see how their ideas can flow into your business.

During meetings, encourage employees to think a little outside the box when they’re doing their job at home. Some are actually quite comfortable with it, relaxing in their pajamas or keeping tabs on their family while they do their work. With this extra level of comfort, they might be able to open up something in their minds. Use this to your advantage and ask them if they have any ideas that come from this. You may be a little bit surprised about what can stem from this.

Hold meetings and feel free to let others brainstorm. Ask what they might be thinking and let the good vibes flow. This also ties in with helping them feel important, as you may discover a nice surprise from an employee that normally doesn’t speak up much. That’s why instilling confidence is a huge plus, because it will inspire them to come up with something better.

So there you have it. Get the tools, open up the opportunities, and remind employees just how much value they hold. Get all of this done and you’ll make the remote workplace you currently have into something special.

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