Biotech startup Probiotic Group secures €2.5 million for its sustainable probiotic care and cleaning products #StartUps - The Entrepreneurial Way with A.I.


Friday, July 22, 2022

Biotech startup Probiotic Group secures €2.5 million for its sustainable probiotic care and cleaning products #StartUps


Luxembourg-based Probiotic Group has secured €2.5 million of fresh investment. The Biotech startup is developing probiotic care and cleaning products that clean effectively and sustainably. These are the first external funds raised by the company.

Founded in 2014, Probiotic Group was launched with the vision to take a biotech approach to cleansers. Martin Schoonbroodt, the entrepreneur and orthodontist behind the company, has developed a line of products that are based on an understanding of the importance of microbiomes. 

Speaking about the company’s aim, founder Martin Schoobroodt commented: “We want to become a recognised player in the science of green biotechnology with the primary aim of offering alternatives to traditional consumer products with the benefits of biotics, creating or recreating symbioses, i.e. a microbial balance in our living and working spaces, not forgetting personal care.” 

The Luxembourg-based company’s products offer a sustainable alternative to traditional cleaners. They can fight microbial dysbiosis (or imbalance) and at the same time optimize different biological environments. Microbial cleaners are growing in popularity in Europe and the US, seen as being better for the skin and more effective.

Probiotic Group has also committed itself to taking a sustainable approach to its product range – based on the principle of the circular economy and with respect towards humans, animals and the environment. Further, the company is forging a progressive path for itself in terms of its genetic makeup as the team is equitable along gender lines. 

Martin added: “We disrupt the way we work with bacteria, for the good. Reequilibrating our environments with no harsh chemicals.”

Looking to the future, the biotech group want to step up R&D activities, with plans to make developments in the rinse-off and leave-on cosmetics space. This is in addition to increasing the team’s headcount. 

Martin: “I am tremendously happy to welcome two new strategic partners in the shareholder structure of my company. This fundraising will accelerate our development on an international landscape plus give us the ability to speed up our R&D activities in Luxembourg. Not many biotech firms in Luxembourg get this chance, we are well aware of this. I want to thank all involved parties that made this happen; our employees played a primary role in this as our expertise unmatched – true pioneers.”


July 22, 2022 at 04:28AM by (Patricia Allen), Khareem Sudlow