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Monday, May 16, 2022

Why Entrepreneurship and Innovation Just Might Save the World #StartUps


Some people say it’s better to follow established trends in the business world. That’s because you can make easy money from it, at least according to them. Just look at any coffee shop that’s tried to copy upon the success of what Starbucks has done. Us, however? For us, it’s more about entrepreneurship and innovation.

The reason we think a little differently is that that’s what the market needs right now.

Anyone can create the “same old thing” and succeed at it. “Hey, that rock band’s doing great, we should do a rock band just like that!” Has it ever occurred to you, however, that perhaps creating a new sound will draw a bigger audience? After all, if they wanted that individual sound, they’d go to the original band to get it, right?

There’s a lot that goes into entrepreneurship and innovation, but there are big factors as to why they just might save the world. Let’s look at each aspect and see where they can lend a hand in today’s business world.

What is entrepreneurship?

In a nutshell, entrepreneurship works along the same lines as leadership. You’ve got an entrepreneur who essentially helps build the new business. They’ve created it based upon big ideas, which others believe in.

But establishing the idea is just the beginning. Then comes building upon it and making the idea even greater.

Entrepreneurship basically means taking charge of the idea and not being afraid of the risks that come with it. New businesses will always have risks, especially when it comes to the money involved. However, good entrepreneurship easily stands out over bad. That’s because such folks usually have the patience and knowledge to make the idea expand. Grow. Build into fruition.

So, sure, leadership can take a team far. Good leadership, even further. But entrepreneurship and innovation? That can take a company into years of successful business. Or, hey, perhaps even further than that. There are always new creations to explore, new ways to expand an idea, and so forth. It’s how these are applied — sometimes with a jump, but always with confidence.

The problem with some business types is that they rely on existing ideas. Very few innovate these days. As a result, the industry can look a little bit tired.

But the right level of entrepreneurship for a company can really go places. People notice the creativity. The invention. The sharpness that comes with what a new corporation or startup can provide. This is where entrepreneurship and innovation sparkle in an otherwise predictable industry.

Creativity leads us to entrepreneurship and innovation.

The definition of innovation is pretty simple. “The action or process of innovating” based on “a new method, idea, product, etc.”

You don’t always want to take the “safe” route when it comes to business. The reason for this is that you create unlikely competition, which can get you swept under the rug. Innovation, however, is another story.

When you have entrepreneurship and innovation coupled together, you literally get a new launchpad to work off of. A great idea that stands out above others because it’s yours. An idea that you can build to actually last within the industry.

Many great things can come from this with the right leadership and know-how. Get a combination of the two, and there’s so much you’ll be able to do.

Granted, that means effort has to enter the picture. Anyone can be a dreamer. We’re actually dreaming of Hawaii right now. But the effort has to follow.

This is where establishing great entrepreneurship and innovation comes in. A leader doesn’t just lead, they craft the idea into something remarkable. They think ahead and ask the questions, like, “Okay, what if we did this?” Or even consulting the team and asking what creative ideas they may have so that something can establish.

Making it means keeping yourself inspired.

It’s times like this we refer to Disney’s Ratatouille and its inspiring quotes. As fun as a movie as it is, it generates some truly great logic.

Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.

That’s very true. Entrepreneurship and innovation can certainly come from a properly schooled business person. But it can also emerge from an unlikely source, an up-and-comer that wants to see these dreams become reality. That’s when businesses should really listen, straying off-road instead of taking the beaten path to success.

It’ll be a rough road, to be sure. But the combination of entrepreneurship and innovation can lead to greater rewards in the future. Find the right effort with the team and you could easily go places with both. It’ll not only change the world but eventually save it and take us down new, unexpected paths.

Who needs predictability when a shake-up could be just the thing the market needs?

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