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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Virtual Antenna changes the game for IoT connectivity #IoT

Virtual Antenna

By 2030, it is estimated there will be more than 30 billion IoT devices worldwide, up from the 13 billion expected for 2021. Many companies are keen to make the most of this huge opportunity, but how can they design and develop IoT devices quickly and effectively, making best use of their existing resources while ensuring they get their product to market rapidly?

One of the major challenges is the antenna. These need to meet the performance expectations of carriers, avoid excessive power demands on the battery and often account for many different connectivity protocols and widely differing frequency bands. With the need to meet all these demands, antenna design is a specialised skill that not all electronic engineers possess.

Tiny antenna chip cuts time to market

These challenges have been met by Ignion’s Virtual Antenna technology. Tailored for the IoT market, at its heart is Ignion’s antenna booster chip. The size of a small gem, it measures just 5mm on all sides. The chip works in tandem with the IoT device’s ground plane, the copper layer on the printed circuit board (PCB) comprising the electronic components. Ignion harnesses this board to radiate the signal – combined with the antenna booster chip, the technique can achieve the same high radiation performance of conventional and customised antennas.


December 14, 2021 at 07:21AM by IoT Now Magazine, Khareem Sudlow