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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

PEAK 2021 Majority of shoppers planning to do all Christmas shopping online on Black Friday

90% of shoppers buying online on Black Friday

90% of shoppers buying online on Black Friday

Despite growing scepticism about Black Friday and as consumers worry about the shortage effects across retail this festive period, 90% of UK consumers are planning on start their Christmas shopping early as they move almost exclusively online for their early foray in festive shopping.


Research by Appinio, a global research platform that collects some 1 million answers daily from its panels, quizzed 1000 UK shoppers last week and found that the majority (56%) plan on buying all their Christmas gifts on Black Friday this year. It’s also, therefore, no surprise that a third (30%) also admit to having already started their Christmas shopping despite the big day still being 11 weeks away. Around 1 in 2 (54%) are planning to buy gifts both in store and online.


In terms of spending, 2 in 3 (68%) are planning to spend the same amount as last year on Christmas gifts with only 1 in 10 (10%) planning on spending more. The average spend will be around £283 in total, with the research showing that men will spend £11 more than women and Generation Z will spend the least, at £209. Those aged between 35-44 will spend the most, with an average coming out at £302.


Shopping influences

Despite brands ploughing huge spending behind Christmas television advertising each year, the research showed that almost half (42%) cite the biggest inspiration for Christmas shopping as recommendations from family and friends. This was followed by a third influenced most by in-store displays (34%) and then television at (32%).


However, with the pandemic accelerating the rise in brands putting money behind digital advertising, the data showed that Gen Z (38%) and 35-44 year-olds (36%) are more likely to find inspiration through online ads and Millennials are more likely to get inspired by social media posts.


Jacqueline Junke, Market Lead UK at Appinio, comments: “With the world in a largely different place to Christmas 2020, it was important for us to look at how sentiment in UK consumers towards Christmas shopping and festivities. We are now able to offer insights into how people plan to behave this year. With the growing concern over shortages that has hit retail across the board, it wasn’t surprising to see this reflected in our data, with people planning on doing Christmas shopping earlier and with a strong online focus. It’s therefore important for retailers to understand that targeting shoppers earlier with both in-store and online promotions will likely see better uptake than promotions nearing the big day. We have also found detail on the amount people plan to spend and that buying for the male sex proves harder than for female - which could offer an opportunity for retailers to target this market more effectively.”

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