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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

11 A/B Testing Tools to Optimize Conversions #Ecommerce


A/B testing, the process of exposing randomized visitors to one or more variables, is among the most effective strategies to optimize user experiences and conversion rates.

Here is a list of A/B testing tools. There are dedicated platforms as well as full design suites with multiple testing applications. Test page layout, images, copy, and more. Run basic split tests or multivariate tests. Several of these tools have free plans for a limited time, but most require payment.

Home page of Google Optimize

Google Optimize

Optimize is Google’s platform for testing websites and apps. It natively integrates with Google Analytics to help identify the parts of your site that need improvement. Run A/B and multivariate tests, including split URL redirect tests to test separate pages against each other. Price: Free for a basic account. Contact sales for enterprise pricing.

Home page of Adobe Target

Adobe Target

Adobe Target, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, is a service that identifies your best content through easy-to-execute tests. A/B test your whole experience, including images, copy, user interface, and more. Within the visual experience composer, select and edit any individual element on your site (desktop or mobile) to include in your tests, such as slideshow carousels or popup windows. Contact for pricing.

Home page of Optimizely


Optimizely is an experimentation platform for web, mobile, television, game consoles, and even the internet of things. Experiment with every part of your customer experience, from the frontend interface to the backend data and business logic. With Optimizely Program Management, collaborate, execute, and report on hundreds or thousands of experiments. Users submit, prioritize, collaborate, and track experiment ideas in one place. Optimizely’s Stats Engine provides real-time results. Contact for pricing.

Home page of Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is an analytics platform that tracks and optimizes website visitor behavior to improve user experience and increase conversion rates. In addition to heatmaps and session recordings, Crazy Egg features A/B testing to optimize web design for purchases, subscriptions, and email signups. Use the A/B testing page editor to change elements in your ecommerce store. Pick a goal such as “Sell More Products” based on a URL, form submission, or a clicked link. As soon as it detects the winner, Crazy Egg automatically sends more traffic to that variant, producing as many purchases or email signups as possible. Price: Plans start at $24 per month.

Home page of Kameleoon


Kameleoon is a platform for A/B testing, full-stack development, and personalization. With unlimited A/B and multivariate test variations, Kameleoon allows brands to test and optimize every desktop and mobile experience. Use one of Kameleoon’s existing goals, or create your own, to track how an A/B test increases conversion rates, retention, or visitor engagement. Preview exactly how your test hypotheses work for your intended audience with a simulation tool. Manually allocate traffic to a variant or let Kameleoon automatically push traffic to winning variations. Contact for pricing.

Home page of Zoho PageSense

Zoho PageSense

Zoho PageSense is a conversion optimization and personalization platform. Split-test two or more web pages to see which generates higher conversions. Target a visitor segment for your experiments. Enable heatmaps within each test to determine how your visitors are interacting with each variation. Track revenue, clicks, engagements, page views, and events. Access form analytics, heatmapping, session recording, and more. Price: Plans start at $16 per month.

Home page of VWO


VWO is an A/B test platform for marketing teams. Design and launch new experiments quickly with an intuitive, point-and-click editor. Test multiple combinations via multivariate experiments. Automatically adjust splits between variations. Augment your analysis with qualitative user insights using integrated session replays, heatmaps, and popup surveys. Contact for pricing.

Home page of AB Tasty

AB Tasty

AB Tasty is a platform for building and deploying web experiments to deliver better visitor experiences. Create user segments, start from pre-configured templates, and then customize. Create any combination of goals to evaluate performance. Choose what portion of your traffic is exposed to experiments and compare results. Easily send your campaign’s performance data to your analytics tool of choice. Contact for pricing.

Home page of Freshmarketer by Freshworks

Freshmarketer by Freshworks

Freshmarketer is a platform for data-driven experiments. ​​With tracking goals, attribute actual revenue to every event. With detailed reports on testing, learn why a variation leads over the others with detailed metrics such as conversions over time, unique conversions, significance achieved, and more. Price: Free for up to 100 marketing contacts. Premium plans start at $19 per month.

Home page of Convert


Convert is an A/B testing tool to optimize websites. Convert’s A/B testing features real-time reporting, blink-free testing, personalization, third-party goal tracking, and rich reporting. Test across multiple properties, and run unlimited tests and variations. In addition to A/B testing, Convert offers multivariate testing and multipage experiments. Price: Plans start at $699 per month.

Home page of Unbounce


Unbounce is a drag-and-drop builder to create, publish, and test targeted on-brand landing pages. Easily launch A/B tests with just a few clicks. Duplicate an existing page, tweak your elements, and split the traffic 50-50. Optimize performance by comparing conversion data and promoting your winning page to Champion. Repeat the process by testing your Champion page against a new Challenger, and keep increasing conversion rates. Price: Plans start at $90 per month.

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