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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

APC Home SurgeArrest with Smart Outlets #IoT


APC™ by Schneider Electric Smart Surge is the first UL certified smart surge protector for home users.

Control, protect, and schedule your home devices from anywhere. With UL surge protection and Alexa certification, Smart Surge will turn your house into a smart home

APC’s smart surge protector is designed to be the ideal smart home device because it has 6 outlets and 4 USB ports with 5 control points (3 smart outlets and 2 smart USB ports) that can be controlled anywhere, anytime at your fingertips, so you can live smarter, not harder.

Smart Surge Features

Control Anywhere, Anytime

  • Whether you are at home, work, or on a vacation, turn on/off devices through APC’s Home app

Amazon™ Alexa Certified

  • Control devices with your voice through Amazon’s Alexa smart speakers.

APC Home App

  • APC Home is a mobile app that allows for scheduling, grouping and control over your connected devices right at your fingertips.

Simple Wi-Fi Setup

  • With the APC Home app there is no smart hub required making Wi-Fi’s set-up simple.

Digital Timers

  • Throw away those clunky manual timers! Set up even the most complex schedules for your home lighting and devices

UL Certified Surge Protection

  • It wouldn’t be APC without 2160 joules of UL-Certified surge protection for all outlets and a lifetime warranty with a $150,000 equipment protection plan.

Connect Multiple Smart Surges

  • Control several groups of devices at once! In the APC Home app, group together up to 6 smart surge protectors for controlling multiple outlets.

• Automate your home lights
• Wake up to brewing coffee
• “Hey Alexa, Shut off TV”
• Turn off all your AC and fans
from the comfort of your bed
• Turn on your electric heater while
at work so you come to a warm
• Turn off all your devices with the
click of a button

APC Smart Surge offers surge protection and remote control at your fingertips through our APC Home app so you can live smarter, not harder.

APC’s Smart Surge

Mobile App and Home Applications

APC Home App

APC SurgeArrest with Smart Outlets’
companion app, APC Home, enables you
to turn on/off all connected lighting and
appliances from anywhere, anytime.

Remote Control:
• Control your plugged in home devices
from your mobile device, anywhere.
Group and Timer Configuration:
• APC Home App allows you to set
timers and manage your custom
grouped outlets.
LED Control for Night Time:
• Turn smart outlets and USB ports’ LED
lights on or off through Amazon Alexa
or APC’s Home app.

A Smart Surge For Every Need

• Smart Home Made Simple

Smart Surge is simple and easy to set up if your new to the smart home world. No smart hub required and effortless control via APC Home app or Alexa.

• Everyday Convenience

Imagine waking up to the smell of brewing coffee. Schedule your coffee pot to turn on as you wake up to enjoy hot coffee first thing in the morning.

• Home Protection

On vacation? For added security, use the Schedule feature to turn lights on/off at different times of the day, to give the impression someone is home.

By controlling the lights, or even turning off the TV with the APC Home app, you can keep your child on-schedule.

Place your dehumidifier on a schedule while your away
Smart charging for your phone and remote control for your space heater

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October 6, 2021 at 06:37AM by Bartlomiej Szkaradek, Khareem Sudlow