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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Keyfactor joins IMC to extend PKI security to the IoT #IoT

Keyfactor, a company that provides turnkey solutions to secure devices that communicate over networks, has joined the trade group the IoT M2M Council (IMC) to spread word of its technology to IoT users worldwide.

Keyfactor provides “public key infrastructure” as a service, which is a set of hardware, software, and messaging protocols that allows for the secure transfer of data for a range of network activities, including communications between embedded devices. The company’s new membership in the IMC will allow it to reach 25,000 enterprise users and product makers/designers that deploy IoT solutions in the field.

“The IMC’s rank-and-file Adopter Membership includes various IoT personas but a plurality of all of them identify security as one of their very biggest concerns,” says Ellen Boehm, Keyfactor’s VP of IoT strategy & operations, who will represent the company on the IMC’s board of governors, “We want to let these folks know that there are solutions available now that address those concerns and Keyfactor can assist device manufacturers to develop the right security architecture for securing embedded endpoints.”

Keyfactor has already made inroads into some of the strongest IoT markets including medical devices, connected vehicles, and manufacturing but is also keen that the IMC covers 27 different vertical markets of application, from energy utilities to public safety to the supply chain.

“The encryption protection that PKI-as-a-service brings can be deployed in any application area where the security of devices is at a premium,” says Boehm. The IMC also covers the IoT sector globally, with roughly 35% of its membership in North America, and 25% each in Europe and Asia.

“With the addition of Keyfactor, the IMC board can now boast some of the most innovative IoT security providers that we know of,” says Kim Bybjerg, VP of European business operations at Tata Communications and the IMC board chair, “We welcome them to the Board and look forward to their contributions to IMC activities.”

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by Anasia D'mello, Khareem Sudlow