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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Here's everything we know (so far) about Star Wars: Squadrons


Stay on target, no matter who you fight for.

Space battles between starships like X-wings and TIE fighters are an iconic part of Star Wars. EA Motive has doubled down on that particular aspect of the series and unveiled Star Wars: Squadrons, a game that's all about taking down enemy pilots in deadly chases and dogfights.

With a lower-than-normal launch price and a variety of consumer-friendly features, Star Wars: Squadrons is looking to be everything that aspiring pilots could hope for. Here's everything you need to know about Star Wars: Squadrons.

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What is Star Wars: Squadrons?

Star Wars: Squadrons is a new game being developed by EA Motive, the developers who worked on the vehicle portions of Star Wars Battlefront II. It's a 5v5 multiplayer game, though there's also a campaign. Players can join the New Republic's Vanguard Squadron or the Empire's Titan Squadron.

Star Wars: Squadrons trailers

You can take a look at the Star Wars: Squadrons reveal trailer below:

Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay and features

Gameplay for Star Wars: Squadrons was revealed at EA Play Live on June 18. So far, we know that there's a single-player campaign and a 5v5 multiplayer. There are also multiple different classes of starships, each of which can play different roles. In a fight, you'll need to balance power between the various systems. Maxing out power to a particular system grants a bonus ability not otherwise available, but the more power on one system, the less that's available for others.

  • If you max power to Shields, you unlock Overshielding.
  • Maxing power on Weapons gives you Overcharged lasers.
  • Maxing the Engines grants a Speed Boost.
  • Ships that don't have Shields get a Power Converter.

You can check out the gameplay trailer from EA Play Live right here:

Here's everything else we know about the gameplay.

Meanwhile, there's also extensive customization. You can alter the different components in your starship, of which there are six or seven slots:

  • Primary Weapons
  • Auxiliary (x2)
  • Countermeasures
  • Hull
  • Shields
  • Engines

There are two basic types of components: passive components and active components. The latter can be further broken down into primary weapons, auxiliary components, and countermeasures.

There's also cosmetic customization, as you can alter your pilot's appearance, customize the cockpit, and give your ship a new paint job. These are unlocked with Requisition points and Glory points.

List of all starships, both New Republic and Imperial

Is Star Wars: Squadrons canon?

Yes. The story of Star Wars: Squadrons is canonical and is not part of the Extended Universe, which is now classified as Star Wars Legends.

Is Star Wars: Squadrons cross-platform?

Yes. One of the big marketing points for this game is that it supports full cross-platform play. You can play with your friends regardless of who is on Xbox One, PC or PS4.

Does Star Wars: Squadrons have Xbox Series X support?

Right now, EA Motive has not confirmed any kind of next-generation support for Xbox Series X. Star Wars: Squadrons is not currently on the list of Xbox Series X optimized games.

Does Star Wars: Squadrons support VR?

Yes, if you have a PSVR headset or PC VR headset, you'll be able to play Star Wars: Squadrons entirely in VR.

What is the Star Wars: Squadrons release date?

Star Wars: Squadrons is set to release on October 2, 2020. It's also going to be available for $40, not the standard $60. It'll be released on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

Danger zone

Star Wars: Squadrons

5v5, Empire vs New Republic

Star Wars: Squadrons places players in Vanguard Squadron or Titan Squadron with vicious dogfights and a variety of different starships. It's even got full cross-play, so you can play with your friends no matter where you buy it.


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